Bulletin No.77 – Local Games: A Mixed Bag of Goodies!

We have a bit of everything today!  

  • We start with a short king hunt…
  • our second offering is a positional game with twists and turns…
  • and we end with a memorable win against a famous GM.


Attack with the English

We normally associate the English with subtle queenside pressure or the big centre of a Botvinnik system.  Mike Waddington shows another way of playing it – all out kingside attack with Harry the h-pawn!

A Not So Simple Catalan

Christian Westrap describes this as one of his favourite games.  He also says the opening is “a simple positional line I enjoy playing”.  However, it entails saccing a pawn for positional pressure, and whilst he got a good game, converting these are not always that easy (unless your name is Kramnik)!  Mike Duggan puts up a good defence and the game had a few fascinating twists and turns before the honours were shared.

Tenacity Pays Off!

In 1978 Steve Peirson had the honour of facing the great Tony Miles in a simultaneous exhibition. (If you want some examples that show just how strong Miles was then have a look at today’s Weekly Quiz No.13 where he beats none other than Karpov, or the one from two weeks ago, Weekly Quiz No.10 where he beats Llubojevic in fine style).

Unsurprisingly, Miles played rather well and had Steve on the rack, but Steve hung in there, clawed himself back to about level, and then grabbed the one chance that was presented to him in the game to claim a memorable victory!

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