Poem No.13 – Suspend all Sense (Part Two)!

Over the summer months Christine Roberts is delighting and entertaining us with her chess poems. This one covers even more difficulties in choosing the right opening!

Beginners look out for this bait,
don’t ever fall for Scholars Mate!

Stafford Gambit’s new in town;
using it might win the Crown.

But if you want to draw a mob,
demonstrate the grimy Grob.

If you’re feeling slightly petty,
investigate this one – the Reti.

F-pawn move’s a risky touch,
unless you plan to play the Dutch.

Weather’s gloomy, need a brolly?
Bore opponent with the Colle.

Be careful where your pieces lurk,
when you play defensive Pirc.

Be ready, though, you just might lose all
If you choose to play the Woozle!

Talk the talk, walk the walk,
But please don’t play the unsound Hawk.

Christine Roberts 2021

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