Junior 4NCL, Season 9, Round 6 – Two More Wins for Dorset Juniors!

4ncl competition

There were two important match wins for Dorset Juniors in Round 6, on an evening where there were many defaults registered across the various participating teams in all divisions. It was a rather crazy evening.

Dorset Juniors 1: won 8 to -1

A comfortable win for Dorset Juniors 1 who won 8 to -1 with a default by our opponents on Board 3. Double wins for Zander, Hugo and Jack and two points for Michal who, due to his opponents default, sadly didn’t get to move a piece.

This win now takes us into a good position at the top of Group A, with one more round (round 7) before the semi-finals and finals.

Our next match will be against Barnet Knights B on 11 April. Technically, Warwickshire Bears and Hilsmark Juniors could catch us on match points if that next match doesn’t go in our favour but we have a strong game point position. Hopefully we can make it a clean sweep and head into the semi-finals.

Dorset Juniors 2: won 4 – 3

A much tighter match where we came out as winners due to a default by our opponents on Board 3 (both defaults were on Board 3!). Technically a draw at 4 points per side, the opponents were deducted a half point per default under the online 4NCL rules, resulting in a narrow win at 4 – 3.

Against a much higher rated side (nearly 200 rating points higher), there were wins for Beatrice and Harry in their first game and two default wins for Eli. It wasn’t Will’s day but he gained good experience against a higher rated player.

Throughout this season, when comparing the two Dorset Juniors teams, it has frequently been Dorset Juniors 2 who have had the higher rated opponents. But under the online 4NCL rules we have to play the players in rating order.

This win moves Dorset Juniors 2 up a place in the table to 5th but it is still very tight with us on 5 points and the two teams below on 4 points

Our next match in round 7 is against Ojays D who are just one point below us and on the same number of game points. It would be a nice match to win, if we can.

If you are interested in playing for Dorset Juniors please contact me at [email protected]

Nikki Forster 29/3/2024

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