Martin Simons Christmas FUN Chess Problems

These are the 3 problems Martin set before Christmas 2017 (to see the solutions, please go to “Christmas 2017 Problems Solutions”, also under “Games”, Main Menu:

And now as it is Christmas, here are three fairly simplistic looking but moderately hard, fun chess problems for you to enjoy and ponder over during the festive season. No cheating! Solutions will be published in early January 2018.

(With grateful thanks to Martin who is Chair of the B&DCL, many times Dorset county champion and one of the principal organisers of chess events in the County. Just before New Year, there will be a feature here from Martin as he reflects on a “successful year for Dorset chess”)


1. White to move and mate in 3 (there are lots of mates in 4 but these do not count).

Christmas Quiz Problem 1

2. White to move and mate in 3 (again, there are lots of mates in 4 but these do not count).

Christmas Quiz 2

3. White is threatening Qxf7ch and Qxa8 but its Black to move, there a few good moves but one wins instantly (taken from T Kazmierski v M Simons played in the Southampton Chess League on 4th December 2017). Due to shortness of time, however, this great move was not spotted until immediately after the game, much to the cost of the player with the Black pieces!

Christmas Quiz 3
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