Western Counties Championship – Dorset & Wilts draw with Hampshire

Western Counties Championship – Dorset & Wilts draw with Hampshire

The second round of the Western Counties online championship took place yesterday.   Dorset and Wiltshire faced Hampshire and drew 8-8 in an exciting match.

The match was full of interesting chess and quite a few critical moments that went in both directions.  A few stood out as I watched the games.

Captain Ian Clark won quickly after his opponent, Fraser McLeod, went wrong in the opening and his position fell apart very quickly.   I give that game at the end of the report.

Bill Adaway, who had been pressing with a small edge for much of the game, later on survived a sticky moment where his opponent could have gained a winning advantage but missed his chance, and soon after a dead draw was reached.   Richard Ursell’s game was complicated and topsy-turvy, with both players having big advantages at some stages.   When the dust settled it was R+3 vs R+3 on the kingside and a draw was agreed.  However, Richard’s opponent could have won a pawn by force and it is far from clear that the position was drawn as Richard’s king was cut off. Certainly in practice it would have been tough to hold.

Balanced against those were Malcolm Steevens committing what appeared to be a finger slip and putting his queen en-prise in a position where he had a piece for two pawns (and which the engines say is about equal).   Reenen du Toit had a level position when he put his bishop en prise followed by dropping his queen the next move.   I can’t work out how these would be finger slips but clearly something went badly wrong.

In the meantime the top two boards contained smooth chess and the results went with grade.

The next match is against Cornwall on 21st February at 7pm.

Peter Anderson 8/2/21


Hampshire Dorset & Wiltshire
Board Name Rating “Home” Score Name Rating “Away” Score
1 Martinez-Sykora Antonio 2155 1 Pleasants Allan 2069 0
2 Davis Tim 1941 0 Headlong Tim 2088 1
3 McLeod Fraser 1930 0 Clark Ian 2050 1
4 Chilton James 1846 1 Du Toit Reenan 1908 0
5 Negargar Mo 1833 0.5 Adaway Bill 1881 0.5
6 Cooper Malcolm 1818 0 Burton Ron 1848 1
7 Stuart Graham 1773 0.5 Ursell Richard 1788 0.5
8 Piecha Lukasz 1739 0 Headlong Georgia 1757 1
9 Moore Gillian 1713 1 Steevens Malcolm 1750 0
10 Blanden Edward 1712 0 O’Byrne Danny 1743 1
11 Jones Amanda 1698 0 Jones Tim 1698 1
12 Hamilton Melissa 1660 1 Ludlow Roy 1675 0
13 Feltham George 1653 0.5 Sandy Paul 1618 0.5
14 Culliford David 1653 0.5 Thompson Colin 1570 0.5
15 Lefevre Stephen 1645 1 Wieslaw Stanicki 1390 0
16 Willis Alan 1615 1 McCullagh Tim 1300 0
Totals 8.0 8.0